Go for HAIBIKE XDURO because it includes a Yamaha engine


After going for a examine our readers’ study, it’s undeniable that Haibike has a status whilst the most widely used E-MTB producer – however, in order to remain in the peak of the occupation, the Schweinfurt-based organization are constantly trying to increase their selection. With the objective of the team check, the well known HAIBIKE XDURO, that has encountered fine-tuning for 2016, needed to step-up to its friends and show that Haibike deserves their placement whilst the business leader.

This evaluation is a section of our E-Mountain Bike Class Check 2016.

Techno-geeks are likely to possess a field-day using the HAIBIKE XDURO because it includes a Yamaha engine in addition to a fully-automatic suspension program referred to as thee: I Surprise, which requires milliseconds to regulate the trunk shock to the present landscape. With devices about the hand as well as in the base group area, the damping of the surprise knee controlled to complement the driving condition. The truth is, this works in a book method (i.e., faultlessly). Joined using the 2x drivetrain and also the decreased-journey environment of the hand, high increases don’t present any problems. One critique was broadcast concerning the period of the body; our check cyclists might have favored an extended reach to be able to maintain the leading grown because they work their way up slopes. Another critique was targeted at the Yamaha engine, which didn’t produce energy in a greater cadence. During our assessments, it just sent throughout a reduced cadence, which we considered annoying on both long trips and high climbs.

While it involves directing its nose downhill, the Haibike design was probably the agilest of all of the bicycles we examined, and it required hardly any work to drive it. Regardless of how tight the converts were, the HAIBIKE XDURO required them as though on rails. Nevertheless, the HAIBIKE XDURO confirmed a propensity towards twitchiness at high rates, and also the exceptionally small geometry and large standover height do little to combine the driver into the bike – it’s more of the situation of solely being ‘on’ the bicycle. Good factors ought to be granted for that suspension, which filters out each and every bundle and provides an excellent-cozy journey. The remainder of the specification is natural and well-considered: the cafes are adequately broad; the base not-too lengthy; and also the Type Surprise dropper article provides enough fall. In relation to the bike’s managing, the tires – despite their anemic account – do match the bicycle. Nevertheless, for the reason, that same feeling, both tires and also the bicycle are out-of their level once the paths get really difficult.

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HAIBIKE XDURO Expert (10/10)
Excellent Rate: Because Of the 2x drivetrain, the HAIBIKE XDURO won’t shy from any rise.
Blackmagic: the small container about the rear shock homes the handling engine of thee: I surprise program, which provides the suspension using the info obtained in the hand and also the base group area, changing it inside an issue of milliseconds to match the floor situation.
Secured: to safeguard the display from possible harm, Haibike installed cafes with additional increase along with a base that slants downwards. A good concept, although not one which removes the core of the issue: the large and cumbersome show.
Total Control: Utilizing The small turn on the medial side of the: Surprise device, you are able to choose from four settings: automated, available, the-put-a-nose and fully-closed. Because of its fast response rates and stability, we’d suggest the automated setting.

Rating extremely because of its fashionable and properly-designed body as well whilst the effective suspension, the HAIBIKE XDURO is most effective for cyclists who benefit convenience over hardcore efficiency about the paths – a summary that’s mostly because of its small geometry and also the specification that makes it more of the calm trail bike.

Extremely agile
Excellent production quality
Effective suspension
From its level on complex terrain
Tyres present not enough traction
Restless at high rates