Haibike Xduro AllMtn RX first trip review

When the simple considered EBikes makes this 1 vein in the center of one’s brow begin to fat, then I recommend you view this Brandon Semenuk modify in the place of reading anymore. Why? Since nowadays we’re likely to have a look at the HAIBIKE XDURO AllMtn RX. Is it 150mm of journey entrance and back and sheets on 27.5? wheels.

The entire cycle sells for and it is spec’d with Monk suspension, a KS Lev dropper article, and Shimano XT parts. The construct also contains a Bosch engine and Li-Ion 36-Volt, 400 Wh battery.

The HAIBIKE XDURO AllMtn had 150mm of the journey along with a fairly high 68-degree headtube angle. For assessment, the 140mm journey Specific Turbo Levo includes a 66.5-degree headtube angle.


For anything using the term all-mountain in its title, the geometry is remarkably traditional. For example, the body includes a 68-diploma head pipe position, that will be nearly two levels higher than many bicycles within this class. Additionally, it includes a significantly smaller reach and longer chainstays. To comprehend why a phone to HAIBIKE XDURO was so as.

Based on their Mature R&D manufacture in the Philippines, it’s not reasonable to evaluate the geometry of conventional bikes to those of EBikes. Because of the engine, electrical bicycles have longer rear-ends. To pay and guarantee the bicycles continue to be agile, Haibike jobs the driver more back by reducing the most effective pipe and utilizing a slacker seat tube position.

The Haibike geometry varies from conventional mountain bicycles because of the placement of the engine. To assist pay for that long tail, they make use of a smaller top-middle to assist centralize driver fat.

Although this might appear counterproductive, it will help place the driver more centrally. This works since HAIBIKE XDURO are ridden differently than regular bicycles. Because of the power aid, cyclists may invest nearly all their period within the seat. And so the mixture of a smaller best tube, slacker Seatpost, longer mind tube, etc. permit the driver to keep the exact same torso placement on an e-bike because they might on the normal bicycle.

Wherever this viewpoint breeds distress is when it comes to shaping dimension. In the place of using the traditional S/M/L structure, Haibike uses body levels. This really is evidently typical exercise in the Philippines and suggests along the seat tube. Later on, they’ll be shifting to more conventional dimension, however for today, it’s better to trust top-tube duration to evaluate your measurement.

I experience moderate structures that usually possess a 23.5” (596mm) top-tube. This put me on Haibike’s measurement 46mm body with a 22.8” (580mm) top-tube. Their biggest design includes a 24.4” (620mm) top-tube, therefore cyclists more than 6 toes should truly try-before they purchase.
About the Path

Regardless of the interested e-bicycle particular geometry and dimension, if there’s anything I’ve discovered through the years, it’s that figures and charts don’t usually inform the entire account. I never attempt to decide a bike’s handling traits until I’ve ridden it.

For more information concerning the HAIBIKE XDURO, I achieved Haibike at an OHV park beyond Moab. Previously, I’ve ridden many metropolitan and freight electrical bicycles but had never experienced an e-MTB on actual paths. The primary issue, irrespective of deficiencies in wish, is the fact that there’s room locally I will legally experience one. This really is probably the greatest problem that EBikes presently encounter within the U.S., wherever path entry for regular mountain bicycles has already been a supply of competition.

Back in the OHV park, these issues were a non-issue. Therefore several us which range from pro-level XC competitors to table jockeys (like myself) put down on the 40-distance trip with over 5000 feet of hiking. Usually, in the morning such as this, I’d discover myself in the back of the bunch carefully saving my power and hoping for that ancestry. Alternatively, I charged out towards the entrance and could contain the wheel of stronger cyclists.

This handlebar bracket enables you to rapidly change between various degrees of help.

The HAIBIKE XDURO is a superb equalizer when it comes to power. You are able to change the quantity of help supplied by the engine while you pedal, but when you achieve 20mph the ability covers out. That’s ok on descents, but was a supply of disappointment on smooth areas.


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Since you need to be continuously pedaling to be able to maintain the ability moving, you’ll encounter difficulties with a pedal hit.

The important thing to maintaining the ability moving is short-shifting. So long as you’re spinning-you could carry. Additionally, it produces a distinctive problem when hiking since you have to be within the proper equipment, keep up with the proper cadence, and not quit pedaling. Should you choose quit, you shed the electrical increase and could end up needing to drive a-50-lb bicycle constant.


The HAIBIKE XDURO conducted perfectly for the whole number of cyclists, aside from this 1 moment I tried doubling-up a stone experience and stumbled hard enough to contain the engine. This triggered the electric bicycle to turn off instantly and needed a restart. Sorry…

Just as much enjoyment as hiking is on a powered bicycle, my personal favorite facet of mountain biking is descending. Regardless of the long chainstays and also the fat, the HAIBIKE XDURO was remarkably simple to bunny-hop and part. General, it had been really fun, however, the front-end experienced too high which result in unknown and skittish handling at higher rates.
With 20% drop entrance and back, the suspension also experienced gentle and linear. Quicker individuals would likely take advantage of incorporating size spacers towards the hand and surprise or having the ability to alter the large and low-speed pressure. An extended journey hand, position collection, or offset bushings may be used to try to slacken issues out.

Battery life from 400 wh battery group was great, but cyclists trying to proceed more must considering upgrading to some bigger battery.


Battery Life

No e-bicycle evaluation could be full without mentioning battery life. This can differ based on numerous facets, including landscape, driver fat, and aid amounts. I consider around 150 lbs prepared and invested nearly all my trip in the center-to-greater aid configurations. Without stressing a lot of about saving power, I had been ready to seek out nearly 30 kilometers with around 3500 feet of hiking before changing batteries. Within the eco-mode, many cyclists within our team could finish the whole 40-mile cycle on a single battery — although only barely.

The HAIBIKE XDURO marketplace continues to be in its childhood within America, but we anticipate your competition to heat-up within the coming decades.



If you’re within the e-bike marketplace and buying high-end full-suspension mountain bicycle, there are certainly a restricted quantity of choices. Till manufacturers, for example, Giant, Journey, yet others see fit to create their electrical versions towards the U.S., HAIBIKE XDURO selection provides a few of the cost-effective for the buck. The German manufacturer not just has among the largest product choices, but has an exemplary guarantee, which addresses structures for fives years and batteries for 2.

The e-bicycle marketplace continues to be in its childhood, but there’s no justification for this horrible wire routing.
There’s no justification for this horrible wire routing.

Our criticism is the fact that their bicycles appear better-suited for beginner and advanced cyclists because of geometry and suspension. Set alongside the market-leader, the Specific Turbo Levo, the HAIBIKE XDURO is large, loud, has clunky wire routing, and dubious product specification. The typical visitor on holiday won’t discover these deficiencies, however, they are obvious problems for almost any driver who likes going quickly.

Before you create a view ask HAIBIKE XDURO, you need to provide it a try. They’re damn fun.

Having said that, the Xduro was lots of enjoyment. Easily were visiting a resort having a number of buddies who didn’t trip, I wouldn’t wait to hire one. It’d even be an ideal platform for my father or like a “share” bicycle for novices who may normally find it difficult to continue.